QuickBooks Error 6000: While Opening Company File

QuickBooks Error 6000: While Opening Company File

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QuickBooks Error 6000 occurs when you’re trying to open QuickBooks desktop indicating that you are unable to open the company file. Below causes can be a reason of this problem.

Causes of QuickBooks Error Code 6000

1. A firewall is blocking access for the multiple computers
2. TLG file is corrupted
3. QuickBooks installation is corrupted
4. Improper network setup
5. It could be a possibility for a corrupted company file.

There are many more reasons for having this issue in your QuickBooks desktop.

Things to do before fixing Error: 6000

A. Ensure that QuickBooks is up to date – Before you go ahead and diagnose to fix this problem make sure your QuickBooks desktop is running with the latest release. To check that.

1. Open QuickBooks Desktop
2. Go to Help > Update QuickBooks Desktop…
3. Select the Update Now tab
4. Click Get Updates
5. Once the update is complete click Close and restart QuickBooks

B. Run QuickBooks file doctor – It helps you to fix QuickBooks corrupted file and make it up and running into your computer. You can download this tool from here.

Quick Update: If you want our experts to fix this issue for you. Please speak with them today. Call TollFree 1-877-353-8076

4 Simple Steps to fix QuickBooks Error 6000

Step 1 – Rename .ND and .TLG files

These are the configuration files that helps the users to access their QuickBooks company files on a network or multi-user platform. This error can be a reason for damage .ND and .TLG files. Renaming these files may help you to solve this problem.

1. Open file explorer (CTRL+E)
2. Click to This PC on the left-hand side
3. Type *.qbw on the top right-hand side corner (in Search this PC)
4. Once you find your company file under the list make a right click and choose the open file location
5. Now you are in your company file location, navigate to your QuickBooks .ND and .TLG files
6. Now add .OLD at the end of yours .ND and .TLG files to rename them
For Example, company_file.qbw.ND.OLD

Now open QuickBooks and see if the problem is resolved. If not, please proceed further with other troubleshooting steps below.

Step 2 – Restore a backup

You can try to restore the company file backup to make your file up and running.

1. Open QuickBooks
2. Go to File > Utilities
3. If Stop hosting Multi-user Access… is showing click on it (see an image below)
4. Now follow on-screen instructions
5. Ensure that your company file location should be less than 210 characters. If your file location is more than the default characters try to make it shorter.

QuickBooks Error 6000

If QuickBooks error code 6000 doesn’t exist anymore that’s great but If still exists, please follow with below steps.

Step 3 – Open a sample Company file

By opening QuickBooks sample file is to analyze that the problem with your company file or software. If QuickBooks sample file does open it means that the problem is going on with the installation setup and needs to be fixed.

1. In the No company open windows
2. Click open a sample file
3. Select any file from the given list (see an image below)
4. If the sample file is open proceed with other step and if not please fix QuickBooks installation files.

QuickBooks Error 6000

Step 4 – Copy file on the desktop

By copying the company file on desktop you’re ensuring that the file location isn’t damaged or not exceeding the file limitation path. If the file is not opening after changing the location it means that file is corrupted or damaged.

1. Open file explorer (CTRL+E)
2. Click to This PC on the left-hand side
3. Type *.qbw on the top right-hand side corner (in Search this PC)
4. Once you find your company file under the list make a right click on it
5. Choose Copy (CTRL+C)
6. Go to your desktop make a right click anywhere and choose Paste (CTRL+V)
7. Click on QuickBooks software while pressing CTRL key from the keyboard and that will prompt you to No Company open Window
8. Click Open or restore an existing company
9. Choose Open a company file and click Next
10. Navigate to Desktop and select your copied file and click Open

If the QuickBooks desktop error 6000 comes up again please follow STEP 2

After following all the above steps you may not face QuickBooks Desktop Error 6000 but in case if it still exists. Please contact us. Dial TollFree 1-877-353-8076

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